• Earth Co Beans Mexican Secret

    Our Mexican Secret was created a long time ago, in the XVI Century by our ancestors “Los Aztecas”.

    This empire existed before the Spanish conquest,  so it keeps the originality and authenticity of the pre-Hispanic cuisine. The mysticism of this grain, along with the Aztec wisdom, is the result of the unique Mexican Secret Beans. This is one of the most delicious recipes and has an ethnic touch.

    You could enjoy them with breakfast or meal. You can even enjoy them as bean deep for your snacks.




    NON GMO / Genetically Unmodified Product

  • Earth Co Beans Habanero

    Habanero is tasty and hot chili pepper.

    People believe it´s originated  from Cuba however its origins are in Perú. During the Spanish colonization it was spread  through latin America reaching Mexico.   The Mexican soil was just perfect for the habanero therefore you can find the most tasty habanero in Mexico. Today Mexico has become the world leader of habanero peppers.  Habanero is used mainly used in traditional southern Mexican cuisine.

    Our habanero flavor beans will give you a new experience.




    NON GMO / Genetically Unmodified Product

  • Earth Co Beans Chipotle

    Chipotle comes from the nahuatl word “CHIPOCTLY” which means smokes chili.

    Chipotle is the result of smoking jalapeño chili.  Chipotle is one of the biggest secrets of Mexican cuisine and give and extraordinary touch and flavor to the foods.  Our  recipe of  chipotle and adobo will give you a delicious experience.

    Eat our chipotle beans with you favorite tacos or Mexican meal.  Enjoy them as well as a chipotle bean deep for your healthy snacks.




    NON GMO /Producto No Modificado Genéticamente